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Entropic. Empowering Definitive Protection.


Entropic, LLC is a cyber privacy startup that was founded in 2016, and is based in Santa Clara, California. Our mission is to deliver innovative ways for you to protect your privacy and identity, while enabling you to continue using the products and services you are most comfortable with.


Over the past two decades, we have seen the emergence of technologies from companies that have vastly improved our lives in new and exciting ways. However, the acceptance and use of these technologies has required us to relinquish more of our personal information, and our privacy. The volume of this data revenue that companies collect about us as individuals, is now a significant indicator of overall growth potential to their investors and shareholders.

As a result, these companies are becoming increasingly agressive about pioneering new ways to glean our personal information, and as efficiently as possible. One example is the Internet of Things which now allows companies to collect personal information 24x7. This represents a shift, since in the past, the collection of our personal information was more likely to be done only at specific points in time.

The increase in the use of artificial intelligence technologies is helping companies make better sense of the information they have collected. While mining collected information helps them to improve their products and services, and thus increase revenue, they are now able to deduce more information about us that we as consumers may not have originally envisioned.

The overall problem with the continued accumulation of our personal information, is not just what companies might do with it, it's also what might happen if it is neglected. In the past seven to ten years, there have been significant incidents of misuse and neglect of our personal information. The neglect of our information has resulted in it's theft and as a result, much of it is now available in the criminal underground.

We believe that consumers need more definitive ways to protect their personal information. Cyberprivacy technologies need to evolve to complement the industry shift to data revenue based business models.

Our Team

Our team is a creative and experienced group of cybersecurity veterans who are passionate about identifying and addressing the most critical privacy issues that reduce our quality of life. We are inspired by creating highly innovative approaches to solve problems that many have already written off as unsolvable.

If you have any questions for us, please let us know!

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