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Analyzing Photographs

1) Select Analyze

Select a Photo to Analyze

You will be prompted to select a photo from your photo roll to examine. Select the "Select a Photo to Analyze" option.

2) Select the Photo to Analyze

Select a Photo to Analyze

Select an available photo from the photo roll.

If you want to analyze a photo from any given source - for example iMessage, social media, or e-mail, save the photo to the photo roll first.

Once you have selected the photo you want analyzed, select the "Start" button on the toolbar to commence analysis.

Note: In some cases, preFlect may not be able to automatically detect the flect ID in the selected photo.

In these cases, you can try using this photo selection screen to help preFlect by using the pinch and zoom feature to manually zoom into the flect ID within the photograph.

3) Analysis Starts

Photo Analysis in Progress

The analysis of the selected photo will commence, and is performed directly on your device.

The overall progress of the analysis will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. Wait until the analysis process has finished.

To cancel the analysis of the photo at any time, select "Back".

4) Analysis Complete

Analysis Results - Published Event Information Found

Once the analysis is complete, one of the following outcomes will be shown:

  1. Published Event Information Found

    preFlect detected a flect ID within the photo you selected, and has determined that published information about this event is available.

    It will then attempt to retrieve this information, and therefore you'll need to have an Internet connection.

    If the information was retrieved successfully, it will be displayed. If not, check that you have a working Internet connection.

    Any retrieved information will be saved under Manage Events, so you can also review it at a later time.

  2. Event Information Not Published

    preFlect detected a flect ID within the photo you selected, but has determined that the related information about this event is not available.

    This could be because the person who originally flected the photo has chosen not to publish this information, or it has been discarded.

  3. Basic Event Information Found

    preFlect did not detect a flect ID within the photo you selected, however other native photo information was found, such as location and device info, and will be displayed.

  4. No Information Available

    preFlect did not detect any useful information in the selected photo, or a problem occurred during analysis.

5) Event Information is Displayed

Analysis Results - Published Event Information Displayed

If either Published event information, or Basic event information could be retrieved from the photo, it will be displayed.

For more information, refer to Event Details.