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Event Details

Manage information about captured events

Selecting any of the available photographic events will display more information about the event, and display some additional management options.

Pictures of Photographer

These are photographs of the original photographer that were captured during the flecting process.

Viewing Photographer Photos

Tapping any photo will allow you to view it in full screen mode. If the event is not currently published, you are also given the option to delete this photo. If the event is published, you'll first need to revoke the event before you can delete related photos.

Save to Photo Roll

This option will save all of the photos for this event to your photo roll, so you can access them from other Apps.

Where this Photo was Taken

If you have opted to enable location services in preFlect, this is the physical GPS location that was captured by the flecting process, while the original photograph was being taken.

You can select from 3 standard map views - Map, Satellite, and Hybrid.

Open In Maps

This option will open the location of the photographic event into the Apple Maps App.

Additional Details

View/Edit Comments

Allows you to Add/Edit/View additional comments about the photographic event, which can help you recall more information about the event at a later time. When you publish the event, these comments will be included in the published details that can be accessed by anyone else who has a copy of the photo.

Note: This option will appear as "View/Edit Comments" if the event is not published (revoked), and as "View Comments" if the event is published. If you want to add/edit comments for a published event, you'll first need to revoke it to make modifications.

View Original Flect ID

Displays the original flect ID that was used during the flecting process for this photographic event. This option is here for information purposes only. The displayed flect ID is used by preFlect internally, and cannot be interpreted with a QR code scanner App.

Toolbar Functions (below)

Help Button

Allows you to access this preFlect help.

Delete Button

Allows you to delete this photographic event, which will delete the event details from Google Drive, and from your device. This means that the flect ID captured in the original photograph can no longer be used to retrieve details about the original photographic event.

Publish Button

Allows you to publish this event, which will transfer details of the original photographic event to Google Drive, and link it to the original photograph. This means that anyone who has a copy of the original photograph will also be able to extract these details using the Analyze Photo feature.

You can use the "Protect Published Events" option in Preferences to limit the people who can access the additional event information, using a password.

Revoke Button

Allows you to revoke this event, which will remove the details of the selected photographic event from Google Drive. This means that anyone who has a copy of the original photograph will no longer be able to extract details of the photographic event using the Analyze Photo feature, until the event is published again.