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Getting Started

Before getting started, you'll need to install preFlect from the App Store. Once you have done this, you'll need to run the app and perform a few initial steps to ensure that preFlect is ready when you need it.

1) Setup a Google Account

Google Sign-in Screen

When you publish a captured photographic event, you make this information available for others who also have the original photo.

preFlect uses Google Drive to store and share the captured event information. This means you'll need to have a Google account available.

For your security and privacy, we recommend that you create and use a Google account that is separate from any existing personal Google account you might have.

IMPORTANT: Please avoid using the same Google account username/password in preFlect from different devices (ex: iPhone + iPad), as this will cause problems with managing and publishing events. Use a different Google username/password for every device.

Need support for another storage service? Please let us know.

2) Authorize Access to Your Location

Authorize preFlect to Use Location Services

When you run preFlect for the first time, you'll be prompted to allow it to access your current location.

If you want to include the physical location of the photographer when you annotate photos, select "Allow", otherwise select "Don't Allow".

If you choose "Don't Allow", you will still be able to use preFlect to annotate photos, minus the location features.

Note: The ability to capture your GPS location in a photograph is a feature that is already included in most phones and tablets, and may be optionally enabled by the photographer themself, through their phone or tablet settings.

This feature is included in preFlect to handle cases where this setting is not enabled by the photographer.

3) Authorize Access to Your Google Drive

Authorize Flect to Use Google Drive

You'll be notified that you need to sign in to Google Drive to continue. Select Ok.

You'll then be asked whether you want to allow preFlect to access your Google Drive account, and to Sign In.

Access to the Google Drive account you created previously is needed to make information about photographs that you have captured available to you, and to others who view the original photograph.

Select "Continue" to allow access, then select the Google "Sign In" button.

4) Sign In to Google Drive

Sign in to Google Drive

The Google sign-in screen will appear. Enter the username and password you created previously.

The credentials you provide here will be used by preFlect to access Google Drive for storing and sharing event information.

Note: If you need to sign out from Google, you can do this from Settings.

5) Wait for Setup to Complete

Wait for Setup to Complete

After you have successfully signed into Google Drive, preFlect needs to perform some automatic setup tasks.

This includes creating a series of Flect IDs that will be on standby for when you need to Flect a photograph.

You can customize the number of default Flect IDs created on standby under Preferences. You may want to customize this if you won't have Internet connectivity for an extended period of time, or you use preFlect more frequently.

This setup should only take a moment. When preFlect is ready, the main "Start" button will be enabled, and you can proceed with Flecting.

6) Ready to Start

Now that setup is complete, you are ready to start Flecting.