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How preFlect uses Google Drive


Reading this section is optional, and is provided for the more advanced users, who may want to know how preFlect uses their Google Drive account.


preFlect makes use of your Google Drive account to publish information about photographic events.

We recommend using a separate Google Drive account for preFlect, as discussed in the Getting Started guide.

IMPORTANT: Please avoid using the same Google account username/password in preFlect from different devices (ex: iPhone + iPad), as this will cause problems with managing and publishing events. Use a different Google username/password for every device.

By default, your Google Drive account comes with 15Gb of storage, which is ample to store information about hundreds of events. If you run out of storage, you can delete older events from preFlect, or simply buy more storage on Google Drive.

Folders created by preFlect in Google Drive


When you first run preFlect, sign in to Google Drive, and authorize preFlect to access your Google account, it will create a folder called "FlectEvents".

This folder will be used to store information about events that you capture and publish in preFlect.

When you sign in to Google Drive directly, you will see the "FlectEvents" folder.

Within this folder, you will see a series of subfolders - each of which is reserved by preFlect to publish information about captured photographic events.

IMPORTANT: Modifying or deleting these folders might prevent you from publishing/revoking information about previously captured photographic events.

If you need to erase the entire contents of this folder, and don't need to keep any of the event information, the best way is to do this using the Remove All Event Data option under preferences in preFlect.

Folder Colors

To help indentify which folders are published, they are listed in different colors, as follows:

- Grey Folders - These folders are empty, and are initially created by preFlect in preparation for flecting
- Green Folders - These folders contain "published" information about photographic events
- Blue Folders - These folders represent events that were previously "published", and are now "revoked"

Folder Sharing

Each of these folders have a public, readonly share to anyone who has the unique full url to the folder. This is how preFlect allows event information to be published and revoked to and from others who have a copy of a previously flected photograph.

Getting Started

Please refer to the Getting Started guide for more information on setting up preFlect.

Need support for another storage service? Please let us know.