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Face Device Down to Stop

Preferences - Face Device Down to Stop

Automatically stops capturing a photographic event, or flecting, when you face your device down - for example on a table.

Select Caption

Preferences - Caption to Display while Flecting

Allows you to display an additional caption above the flectid while flecting.

The caption can be used to communicate any additional text either directly to the photographer, or to be captured in the photographers photo.

Sample Times & Interval

Preferences - Flecting Sample Times & Interval

Allows you to customize the flecting process - how you capture photographic events.

Number of Samples

Allows you to adjust how many samples of ambient event information are taken once you start flecting.

The default values have been tuned for an approximate amount of time that someone needs to take your photograph. If you need to display the flectid for a longer period of time, increase this value.

Time Between Sampling

Allows you to adjust the time delay in seconds between each sampling of ambient event information captured while flecting.

Reserved Flect IDs

Preferences - Reserved Flect IDs

Specifies how many spare flect IDs you want to keep on your device, in preparation for flecting.

If you are going to be without Internet for an extended period of time, for example if you are in a building which blocks your cellular signal, on a plane, in the wilderness, or overseas with no coverage, increase this value to prevent requiring an Internet connection to generate additional flect IDs when you run out.

If you will be capturing a lot of photographic events in a short space of time, increase this value to prevent to prevent delays caused by waiting to generate additional flect IDs.

Protect Published Events

Use this option if you want to protect the event information linked to a photograph. This will make it available only to a specific set of people who have the original password.

Enabling this option means that when you go to publish a photographic event, you will be prompted for a password to protect the published event information.

When someone else analyzes a photo with preFlect and attempts to access the published information linked to the photo, they will be prompted for the password that you used when you originally published the event.

Enable Sounds

Allows you to enable or disable sounds made while using the App.

Reset all Preferences

Allows you to reset App preferences back to defaults.

Remove all Event Data

Allows you to delete all information about photographic events from your device, and from the Google drive account you are currently signed in to. This will also clear any currently reserved and unused flect IDs.

Using this option will delete details of captured events from your device, published events from Google Drive, and retrieved events from your device.

Sign out from Google Drive

Allows you to sign out of Google Drive. You can sign back in by selecting this option again, or selecting the Google sign in button from the main screen.