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deviceOwl - Device Knowledge Updates

What is Device Knowledge?

Device knowledge updates are delivered via the Owl Cognition Network, and equip deviceOwl with the intelligence needed to visually comprehend and detect smart devices, providing in-depth information about their capabilities.

If you have a subscription to Advanced Edition, you'll also receive device knowledge updates that include covert consumer surveillance devices.

Important: If you are planning to travel to an area might have limited or no Internet available, please update your device knowledge before you leave, so you don't have to worry about updating when you arrive at your destination.

Knowledge Update Notification

Knowledge Update Notification

When you first install deviceOwl, you'll be prompted to install device knowledge.

Following this, deviceOwl will regularly check for periodically released device knowledge updates. When a new update is available, you'll be notified to update deviceOwl's knowledge to the latest version.

Update Now

Select "Update Now" to update/install deviceOwl's knowledge.

Update Later

Select "Update Later" if you don't want to update/install deviceOwl's knowledge at this time.

Knowledge Update Notification

During Knowledge Updates

During a knowledge update, deviceOwl retrieves the latest device knowledge from the Owl Cognition Network, so it can be used to detect the latest devices.

deviceOwl transfers all device knowledge to your device, which gives you the ability to check devices in places where there is limited or no network available.

This can be useful in regions where there are national protective firewalls, poor cellular infrastructure, or if it is too inconvenient to configure your WiFi or cellular connection.

Important: Please do not interrupt deviceOwl while it is updating device knowledge, as this might cause it to go into an unrecoverable state.

If you are having problems after an interrupted device knowledge update, you can reset deviceOwl's knowledge via preferences.

For more information on how to do this, please use the "Reset Device Knowledge" option under Owl Cognition Network Preferences.

Update Complete

Once the update has completed, the new device knowledge will be available, and you are ready to check devices.

If you are travelling you can now use deviceOwl offline to check devices.