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Panwrypter v2.0 "Langkawi" Release

5th April, 2018 | Product Release


Hi All,

We are pleased to announce the launch of Panwrypter v2.0 - an App to protect your most important files, using a type of decentralized protection called bitwise depletion.

This release improves upon convenience & ease of use, and introduces additional, advanced security features.

Protection schemes now help you select the right type of protection based on your needs, along with your preferred storage media & services.

Built-in protection schemes make it easier to protect documents & files while you travel - when your files may be left unattended, for individual safekeeping - for example in the cloud, at home, or at work, or for safekeeping within a group or team. For instance, if you are travelling and need to protect your files, you can select from several different travel-specific protection schemes to help you protect your files, based on your preferred choice of storage media & services. You can also create your own custom protection schemes, should you have more specific needs.

The new restrict restore locations feature provides an additional layer of security to protect your files, in the event that an attacker is able to recover all of your protected volumes from all of your storage sites.

Using a map, you can designate physical locations from where you will allow your files to be restored. Once protected, an attacker needs to know where you allowed your protected files to be restored from - the allowed restore locations, before they can access your original files.

Separation of your storage sites is a critical step for this type of file security. The new automatic transfer feature transfers your protected volumes to your storages sites for you, following protection. We have also made improvements to make it easier to collect protected volumes back from your storage sites, when you need to restore your original files.

In the event that you need to restore your protected files, Clue Cards provide a secure and efficient way to help you recall the details of your storage sites. Provide site clues for each storage site when protecting your files. After protection is complete, a Clue Card is created that you can print and store offline. When you need to access your files again later, simply scan the Clue Card using your Mac iSight camera to reveal the clues you assigned to each of your storage sites, along with other session details.

Finally, the blockchain references feature allows you to quickly create hash references for your protected volumes, if for example you need to reference them from a smart contract stored on a blockchain.

Panwrypter is intended to be flexible and work with your familiar storage habits, while significantly enhancing the security of your documents & files. Your files are protected using a process called bitwise depletion, which allows you to decentralize the fabric of your files, and store them across storage media and services of your choice. This transformation makes it significantly more difficult for any type of unauthorized access to your files, even when they are lost, or neglected in storage over a long period of time.

Panwrypter can be downloaded from the Mac App Store. For more information, please refer to our tutorials and how it works references.

We hope you enjoy the new capabilities of this release. Please let us know if you have any questions,

The Panwrypter Team