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Capture Information about a Photographer

add information about a photographer into their own photos, as they are taken.

Share it with Others Who have the Photo

share details about a photograph that was taken with anyone else who has the photograph

Analyze Photos from Social Media

analyze photos that you find on social media, photo sharing sites, e-mail, SMS messages, to reveal pictures of the original photographer

Protect Files While Travelling

decentralized storage immunizes your protected files against theft and reverse engineering, when your baggage is unattended, you're snoozing in an airport or on a plane, or you lose your storage media.

Protect Files for Storage

provides highly effective protection for your sensitive documents, such as finance and tax documents, data files, photos, movies, e-mail archives, and many other types of data files

Use Your Existing Storage

the best file protection uses your existing, trusted storage habits, instead of forcing you to use the cloud.