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Seen this Device?

26th January, 2023 | Seen this Device? | Entropic Labs

Occupancy Sensor

Have you seen this device in your hotel room?

Though it's generic design resembles a smoke alarm, a public address speaker, or perhaps an emergency light, its actually a Telkonet SS2000/SS2200 occupancy sensor for managing energy usage in the room.

Released around 2006, this device is powered by batteries and contains a relatively sophisticated wide-area body temperature and motion sensor that can differentiate between various types of motion in the room. For example differentiating between people vs. curtains moving from air flow. It also contains a light sensor that supports the others sensors when confirming occupancy in low light conditions.

The device communicates the occupancy status wirelessly to other nearby Telkonet SmartEnergy and third party HVAC controls and accessories - normally a thermostat or an energy controller. Occupancy sensors are common in hotel rooms now and these days are frequently built-in to the thermostat itself.

Being independent of the thermostat allows this device to monitor occupancy from a different strategic location within the room.

By monitoring movement/occupancy in the room, the thermostat can set the optimum temperature to prevent wasting energy. For example if you go out of the room for the entire day, its probably not necessary to keep the heat set to 80F, or the cooling set to 65F.

To identify this device & find out more about it's capabilities, use deviceOwl and select the "Motion/Occupancy Sensor" device type.

deviceOwl is available on the App Store.

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