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Not a motion sensor, so what is it?

18th February, 2023 | Seen this Device? | Entropic Labs

Heat Sensor

You may have seen this device at stores or a restaurant. Its a wireless acoustic glassbreak sensor released around 2001 and marketed by companies including Linear Solutions and Interlogix, which shut down operations in US and Canada 2019.

This humble/generic looking device is powered by dual lithium batteries and is equipped with an omni-directional 360° microphone. The microphone feeds audio into a specialized pattern recognition processor that identifies the actual sound of glass breaking across the full audio spectrum.

Once triggered, it notifies an alarm security panel via a wireless 319.5 MHz radio frequency (RF) based protocol.

To identify this device & find out more about it's capabilities, use deviceOwl and select the "Noise Monitor" device type.

Models with this physical appearance include the Linear Systems DXS-91 and the Interlogix 584503-W & 584509-W.

deviceOwl is available on the App Store.

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