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Not a smoke alarm, so what is it?

3rd February, 2023 | Seen this Device? | Entropic Labs

Heat Sensor

Ever seen this device on the wall or ceiling in your hotel room?

Its a Nohmi Bosai FDLJ Series heat detector which is commonly used in environments that require detection of heat, but not necessarily smoke.

Some examples might include kitchens, bathrooms and hotel rooms that permit smoking. All of these environments may have some type of steam or smoke as part of their regular use. A heat detector enables the heat from a potential fire to be detected, while still permitting smoke/steam within the room.

These devices are designed to be highly durable, with some models being water proof, allowing them to withstand very humid environments. Unlike many smoke alarms, once triggered by an excessive level of heat, these devices will automatically self-reset once the heat has dissipated.

This device uses a wired connection for both power and to communicate with a Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP), which is used to manage the fire sensing devices in the building.

To identify this device & find out more about it's capabilities, use deviceOwl and select the "Smoke/CO Alarm" device type.

Models with this physical appearance include the Nohmi FDL511-65, FDLJ106-D-75, FDLJ906-DW-65, FDLJ106-DW-75, FDLJ906-DW-N65, FDLJ106-DW-N75, FDLJ906-DW-X65, FDLJ106-DW-X75, FDLJ906-DW-S65 & FDLJ106-DW-S75.

deviceOwl is available on the App Store.

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