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Frequently Asked Questions

How is this App different from other file protection products and services?

Panwrypter is not a storage service, but an App that is designed to work with your favorite file storage media and storage services. Panwrypter focuses on protecting your documents & files by restructuring the file data into non-linear protected volumes that you store in separate physical and/or online locations - storage sites.

Because of the way the protected volumes are structured, if a storage site is compromised, and the protected volumes are stolen, it is not possible for the attacker to recover your original files & documents.

Do you have examples of how to use Panwrypter?

Please visit our Tutorials page to learn more about how to use Panwrypter based on some example scenarios. You can also access these tutorials from within the App.

Is this product for me?

Panwrypter is built for protecting and safely storing your most sensitive documents & files, making it almost impossible for an attacker to gain access to them, even if the files are neglected over a long period of time.

Can I use this App to protect all my all of my files?

Though you can use Panwrypter to protect less-sensitive files, this might be considered overkill. Panwrypter is an extreme App that uses an extreme approach to protect your most important files. Generally speaking, unless the files you are protecting are private or confidential, it might be impractical to use Panwrypter.

We have provided some examples below to help clarify the best use of the App:

Examples of more sensitive files

Examples of less sensitive files

Can I restore my files without a Panwrypter subscription?

Yes. While you won't be able to protect files, you can still collect, recover, and restore your protected volumes back to your original protected files if you don't subscribe, or if your subscription expires. This gives you the flexibility to subscribe to Panwrypter only when you need to protect your files, while being able to restore them regardless of your subscription status. It also means you can share your protected volumes with others, and they can restore them without requiring a subscription.

Can a protected volume (.wrypt file) be decrypted?

It is not possible to decrypt a protected volume from a single storage site, without having the remaining protected volumes from the other storage sites. This is because the data in any given protected volume is only partial, and is structured in a non-linear, depleted state. You must have all protected volumes from all storage sites in order to recover your original files.

The location of your chosen storage sites and/or storage services is knowledge that is held with you.

Will Panwrypter modify any of the files that I select for protection?

No. During protection, Panwrypter will read the original files that you selected to protect, and create protected volumes containing depleted copies of these files.

This means that once your files have been protected, and you have confirmed that you can restore them successfully, you are responsible for erasing these original files from your Mac. This also includes secure erasing the "protected session" from your "Temporary Sessions Folder", using the Restore screen once you no longer need it.

What versions of macOS do you currently support?

Panwrypter currently supports the last 3 versions of macOS. Currently, this means we support:

Do you have plans to support smartphones, tablets and PCs? If so, which?

We welcome any feedback on what devices and PC's are most important to you, and will prioritize accordingly. Please let us know what type of devices/PCs you are using :)

What is the difference between storage sites & restricted restore locations

Panwrypter protects your files by depleting their file data across your selected storage sites that you designate on the Storage Sites & Media screen. This is the core method of protecting your files used by the App.

Panwrypter also has an additional feature that allows you to restrict restore locations of your protected sessions, based on specific physical GPS locations that you designate on the Restrict Restore Locations screen of the App.

This feature is unrelated to depleting your files, including selecting your storage sites, and further protects your files from being recovered in the event that all of the protected volumes from all of your storage sites have been recovered.

Why am I prompted for a password to encrypt my files if you are using a different method of protection?

The password encryption is an additional layer of security that encrypts the protected volumes at each storage site.

The true protection comes from the process of bitwise depletion which ensures that the protected volumes at one site, if recovered by an attacker, are useless and cannot be restored unless all of the protected volumes from all storage sites are available.