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Configuring Location Services


The Restrict Restore Locations feature of Panwrypter is an optional feature that allows you to control which physical locations your protected files can be restored from. This feature was implemented with privacy and convenience in mind.

If you are protecting your files, Panwrypter will only ask you to enable Location Services on your Mac, if you want to use specific convenience features. For example if you want to use the "Zoom to My Location" button on the "Locations" screen.

An alternative way to specify your current location is to simply navigate the map using the address entry bar, along with using the trackpad or mouse. Otherwise Panwrypter does not require Location Services to be enabled to use this feature.

If you are restoring your files, Panwrypter requires Location Services to be enabled on your Mac. The reason for this is to verify your location before the restore of your files can be authorized.

Configuring Location Services on Your Mac

System Preferences

To configure location services, simply open "System Preferences" on your Mac.

From here, select the "Security & Privacy" icon, and select the "Privacy" tab.

Privacy & Security

Enable Location Services

To allow Panwrypter to use location services, first enable the "Enable Location Services" checkbox.

Next, in the list of apps below make sure that Panwrypter is checked.

Disable Location Services

To prohibit Panwrypter from using location services, first uncheck Panwrypter in the list of apps.

Next, to disable location services completely, disable the "Enable Location Services" checkbox.