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Panwrypter Messages

When Will You Receive Messages?

Protect Finished with Warnings

You will receive messages when any type of protect or restore operation encounters issues that prevents Panwrypter from properly completing the requested task.

If any important or noteworthy issues occur while protecting or restoring files, you can access the related messages by selecting the button with the red exclamation icon that will be visible at the completion of the protect or restore of your files.

Messages Screen

Protect Messages

Selecting the button with the red exclamation icon will display the "Messages" screen, which will list each issue that occurred during the Protect or Restore operation.

Under the "Message" column will be a general description of what happened, along with the related "Filename" and "Folder".

In some cases, a "Suggestion" will also be displayed to help you resolve the issue.

Important: Please review these messages thoroughly to ensure that all of your files and folders were properly Protected or Restored.