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Storage Sites

What is a Storage Site?

Panwrypter protects your files in a unique way - by restructuring the file data into protected volumes that can be securely stored across a series of storage sites. A storage site can be any physical or online file storage location that you entrust for storing your protected files.

When protection is complete, your protected volumes are prepared into individual site folders under your Temporary Sessions Folder on your Mac. Each site folder represents a storage site. You can then either automatically or manually transfer the contents of each of these site folders to your designated storage sites.

You are thus free to determine how and where you will store the data from each site to ensure your files remain secure.

In the event that the stored data at one or more sites is accessed/breached by another party, the data cannot be partially or fully recovered without knowledge of, and access to the protected volumes at the other remaining sites.

More information on Selecting Storage Sites.

Protection Schemes

Panwrypter provides protection schemes to make it easier to quickly re-use a specific set of built-in, or custom storage site preferences to protect your files.

Each protection scheme contains information about a specific way your files will be protected, such as the number of sites, the type of media used, along with a name and description to help describe how the scheme can be used.

Built-In Protection Schemes

Selecting the popup menu will reveal a list of included protection schemes - alternative ways to protect your files, based on your specific needs.

These pre-configured protection schemes are provided as examples to demonstrate the different ways that Panwrypter can be used to protect your files, based on different scenarios.

For instance, if you are travelling overseas with sensitive files, and you know that for a period of time these files may be unattended, you can select one the the "For Individual Travel ...." profiles that most suits you based on the type of storage services and storage media you are comfortable with.

Customizing A Protection Scheme

Selecting the controls below the popup menu will put you into "Customize" mode, allowing you to define your own customized protection scheme.

Use the slider at the bottom of the screen to define how many storage sites to use to protect your files. Changing this slider will update the number of individual sites shown.

Providing a Clue in the field below each site, will generate a Clue Card that you can print and use to help remember your storage sites in the future. For security purposes, your site clues are not saved with your protection scheme

Select the Automatic Transfer checkbox to automatically transfer your protected files to their storage sites when the protection of your files is completed.

Unselect this option if you prefer to leave your protected files in your Temporary Sessions Folder, so you can transfer them yourself at a later time.

Site Preferences

Selecting a specific site icon allows you to provide specific preferences for that site. Based on the type of transfer you selected, the site preferences specific to that transfer type will be shown.

Automatic Transfer

Automatic Transfer

Enabling the "Automatic Transfer" checkbox means that your protected file volumes will be automatically transferred to each storage site following protection.

Provide the location of each site by selecting each site icon, and specifying the site location.

IMPORTANT: This option requires that each of your storage sites/storage media has read and write access in Finder, so that Panwrypter can successfully transfer your files.

Select the "Apply to all sites" checkbox to apply the same storage location to the remaining sites.

Note: Doing this is not advised as it defeats the purpose of separating your protected volumes.

Select "Ok".

Manual Transfer

Manual Transfer

Disabling the "Automatic Transfer" checkbox means that your protected file volumes will be left in your Temporary Sessions Folder on your Mac, for you to manually transfer to your storage sites at a later time.

You may optionally specify the type of storage media you want to use at each storage site. Doing this will tell Panwrypter to automatically size your protected volumes for your chosen media, making it easier to transfer your sites folders to your storage sites/media when you have a large amount of files.

More information on Selecting Storage Media

Select the "Apply to all sites" checkbox to apply the same storage media to the remaining sites.

Select "Ok".

Saving your Custom Protection Scheme

Manual Transfer

After selecting Next, you will be prompted to save your custom protection scheme, by giving it a name and a description.

Selecting Next again will save your custom protection scheme, making it available in the protection scheme popup menu on the Sites screen, so you can use it again in the future.

Note: For security purposes, some specific details about each storage site, such as location information, and site clues are not stored as part of your protection scheme.